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Postgraduate Program "Dimensions of Ambiguity"


Colloquium Winter Term 2008/2009

During the winter term 2008/2009, a colloquium took place. Together with a co-speaker, the PhD candidates presented their topic with a discussion about the talk following the presentation. Further information on the speakers can be found by clicking on the names.

Datum Topic/PhD candidate Co-Speaker
06.11.08 Markus Ising Richard Waltereit
04.12.08 Felix Balmer Ingo Hertrich
15.01.09 Melanie Henschke Ingo Reich
22.01.09 Olga Springer Inge Leimberg
29.01.09 Thomas Susanka Hartmut Stöckl
05.02.09 Nikola Wiegeler Jens Eder
Symposium 2009

In 2009, there will also be a symposium. Further information can be found by clicking on Symposium.